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Jesus once said, “I came to give life—life that is full and good”.
That “full and good life” is something we are helping people to discover at Elim.  We’re convinced that the complicated lives of the 21st century…

About Us

Elim Pentecostal Church Yeovil is a purposeful, forward thinking, dynamic church. We unashamedly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ…

What We Believe

Tens of thousands attend Elim churches every week. While the congregations range from small groups ..


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has ,only thing that ever has.


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Southville Music

Southville Music’s desire is to effectively and continually help people into the presence of God. Together, as a music team, we seek to encounter God for ourselves, equip worshippers and empower the congregation to worship God in spirit and truth. Songwriting is a huge part of what we do as a team and we are currently working towards our first album.

We’re always looking for new people to join the team. If you are a gifted musician, a singer, or have skills in production and media, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch: tim.williams@elim4yeovil.com

Led by Tim Williams, Southville Music is made up of a collective of musicians, singers and tech people of all ages from as young as 10.

Tim Williams, and Southville Music, is also part of the Elim Sound initiative and has involvement in leading the Elim Sound Worship Team Network of the South Region.

Youth and Children’s Ministry

‘Our longing is to see young people and children impacted by the love of God in their lives and to see them reach the full potential that God has for them.

We look to achieve this by inspiring and equipping our young people and children in a way that helps their relationship with the living God grow. If young people and children are inspired they develop a desire to learn more, so as a part of our inspiration we seek to equip them in reaching the full potential that God has for them.

Rob Gardner heads up our team as the youth and children’s director, and runs a number of different groups and clubs for ages 0-18.

We have a great group of volunteers that help us achieve this aim, however are in need of more so if you are a gifted youth and children’s worker and have a passion to see young people impacted by the love of God contact Rob Gardner at rob.gardner@elim4yeovil.com




  • Shirley Packer

    I attended church from being tiny, enjoying the community life especially the singing! I don’t think I ever doubted the existence of God but it wasn’t until I was about thirty that Jesus became part of my life.  I’d just begun taking my children to Sunday School when my life suddenly hit rock-bottom – my husband admitted to having an affair.  I started praying and this helped me to keep strong and carry on. A couple of years on a preacher challenged me to ask Jesus to forgive my sins, come into my life and rule over it – I did.  What followed was the most amazing sense of peace and joy that confirmed I had made the best decision of my life.

  • Paul Barlow

    I never gave God much thought. Measuring myself up against others, believed I wasn't bad. I drank too much. Abstaining left me Irritable, restless and discontented. I needed peace  I learnt Jesus was the only way to forgiveness yet thought I was too grotty to be a Christian. I met one I could relate to, attended an alpha course then understood clearly in church. I surrendered to GOD . He works in and through me, often in a beautiful way. I see visions and feel His presence. I hear his voice. I know he loves us. He is indescribably wonderful.

  • Owen Snowball

    I went to church throughout my childhood with my parents. When I was 14 I became a Christian but nothing really changed as I was used to going to church every Sunday and led a fairly sheltered childhood, protected from many of life's temptations. That all changed when I left home to go to college. I forgot about my faith and done things my own way but I believe God watched over me and created good results out of my bad decisions. After seeing how God protected me from my own mistakes I came to realise my life would be better if I followed Jesus whole heartedly. I returned to church and from then on trusted Jesus to guide me through life's ups and downs.

  • Chris Cailes

    I was invited to Southville in 1967, and couldn't think of a reason to say "no", so went along out of interest.  There was an appeal at the end of the service asking people to give their lives to Jesus, and 2 people went forward and stood at the front.  I went along for about 10 weeks, always an appeal, every time someone responded.  The next week was New Years Eve, and I decided this was going to be the last Sunday.  Instead, when the usual appeal came, I found myself standing at the front of the church, and I am still here!

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“I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing.”

— 2 Samuel 24:24